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About us.

Creating innovation at every opportunity.

EverPro was co-founded by two early directors of Housecall Pro who saw a big hole in capable tools & services available to the trades. While we were building the future of home services field management software at Housecall Pro, the idea for EverPro was born. In July 2020, Rolando embarked on the journey of turning that idea into a reality, bringing on our first client. Steve officially joined in March 2021, and today we serve over 100 Pros throughout the United States & Canada. We were born out of the trades to serve the trades, and work tirelessly to improve every day in order to best serve you.


When you become a client of EverPro you not only get the best-in-class office operations solution that will scale with your business, you also get a partner that is invested in you and your business. Your success is our success, and we invest in you every day.

Meet the founders.

I have an MBA and a Bachelor's Degree in Economics, and was a banker for 11 years until I finally mustered up the courage to quit. 

I started at Housecall Pro before there was a product, when the app was just an idea in the founder's minds. I helped grow Housecall Pro into a nearly 100 million dollar-a-year business. In my time there, I focused on building repeatable business systems. These systems became the foundation of which Housecall Pro continues to grow its business today.

I started EverPro because software is only powerful when it's used. I saw too many Pros with good intentions to finally get organized fail because they didn't have the team to leverage the software. At EverPro we intend to change that. Our goal is to pair businesses with professionally trained office staff. These teams handle inbound calls, build strong customer relationships and make Pros more money.

A huge sports fan, my childhood dream was to be the next general manager of the New York Yankees. I went to school to get my Bachelor's Degree in Sport Management and transitioned to a career in the sport & entertainment industry. Growing into my career, I quickly found it was not for me. I yearned to make a true impact in other people's lives and do some good. This lead me to Housecall Pro, working on much needed, innovative tools which allowed hard working Pros to spend less time in the day to day minutiae and more time with their family and growing their business.

My father, also an entrepreneur & owner of an engineering company, taught me the values of hard work and providing for your family. You can be the most talented person in the room, but hard work will always win in the long run. Today, I take pride in the hard work I put into EverPro, which allows me to provide for my family, my employees' families, and the families of all our customers.


Our core values.


Team or nothing.

Build the future.

Trust & thrive.


Be courageous.

Never give up.

Since our founding, innovation has been at the forefront of everything we do. Companies like yours require unique solutions that flex up during your busy season & periods of growth and contract during slower times, all while providing an experience to secure customer relationships and delivering granular data points to make the best possible business decisions.


We built EverPro with these understanding in mine, specifically developed for the trades. Whether you're in your peak busy season, adding more trucks to your outfit, or in a slow off season, we support you and bring our core values each and every day.

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