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We answer the phones so you don't have to.

At EverPro we enable our customers to grow their business while reducing costs. Our mission is to eliminate the petty frustrating tasks of running your business so that you can focus on what you do best - get the job done.


Unlock your Potential

We are experts in handling Plumbing and HVAC service calls. Our team is eager to satisfy your customers on every call. Our goal is to make your clients feel heard, collect relevant job details, and earn their loyalty. Below is a glimpse of what you can expect to get out of our service.


Stronger customer relationships with no sweat

As a client of EverPro you will see an increase in customer satisfaction, more online reviews, and best in class Net Promoter Score (NPS).

Truck Fenders

See more profit at the end of the day

Our clients lower their administrative costs by eliminating employee payroll taxes, benefits, and sick days while increasing revenue. 

On average, our clients see 48% cost savings on Receptionist labor and a 15% increase in revenue in their first year with EverPro.

Your Receptionist eliminates interruptions and qualifies your calls so you only deal with serious customers.

​Get your time back

With EverPro you can spend your time where you see fit. Put your saved time back to work and make more money, or take a load off. Now, the choice is yours.

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Ben Borenstein

“Rolando and his team at EverPro are second to none! Finding a company that I can trust to be the front line of my business and represent us to potential customers is hard. I was recommended to EverPro and I am so happy I hired Rolando and his team. They are virtually the front line of my business. They are the first voice our customers here and the last voice as well. EverPro schedules the job when a customer first calls in and calls to make sure everything was done properly and the customer is satisfied after the job is complete. They answer our phones, schedule/reschedule/cancel appointments, collect payments/deposits, complete outgoing happy calls and follow-ups, and everything in between. They really make me feel like they are by my side and CARE for the success of MY business! (Who does that these days?) I cannot recommend this company enough. I had a different virtual office company in the past as well as different high end answering services, voicemail systems, and the like - NOTHING is even close to EverPro. The best in the market hands down.”


Our winning spirit

At EverPro, we believe in pushing the limits to discover what is possible for our customers. This drive has yielded millions of dollars in revenue and savings over the past 5 years. Once we go live, your mission becomes part of our DNA. We embrace a "One Team, One Dream" mentality - this is the driving force of our business & success.

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Rolando Serrano | Co-Founder

Home Services Business Expert

I have an MBA and a Bachelor's Degree in Economics. I was a banker for 11 years until I finally mustered up the courage to quit. 

I worked for Housecall Pro for 6 years. I started there before we had a product when the app was just an idea in the founder's minds. I helped grow Housecall Pro into a nearly 100 million-dollar-a-year business. In my time there, I primarily focused on building repeatable business systems. These systems became the foundation of which Housecall Pro continues to grow its business today.

I started EverPro because software is only powerful when it's used. I saw too many Pros with good intentions to finally get organized fail because they didn't have the team to leverage the software. At EverPro we intend to change that. Our goal is to pair businesses with professionally trained office staff. These teams handle inbound calls, build strong customer relationships and make Pros more money.


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$110 / Week

55 Customer Minutes
15 - 25 calls
Add $27 for 24hr service


$170 / Week

85 Customer Minutes
25 - 50 calls
Add $27 for 24hr service


$306 / Week

153 Customer Minutes
50 - 100 calls
Add $27 for 24hr service